Friday, September 25, 2009

More fun times!

The kids really enjoyed spending time with Grammy and Grampy while taking in all of the sites at the Aquarium.

Some new pics

These pictures are in reverse order, but after receiving his football gear.....Andrew played hard, kicked a "field goal", hit a "Heisman pose", then had to sleep in his new gear. We barely got the helmet and pads off AFTER he fell asleep.

Stoddard Fun

I know that it has been a few weeks since I have updated, but with school back in session, we have been SUPER busy (as you can imagine)! Victoria auditioned and received a part in a school play, "South Pacific" as an island girl. She is loving high school. Deja is still playing softball and has joined the Middle School Choir. They will be performing several times throughout the year. Breanna is really enjoying Kindergarten and can read now!! She has been taking gymnastics and is a real natural. She is on Team BooKoo, which is an all star cheerleading/gymnastics competition team. She loves it and is so great at it! Andrew is "all boy" as they say. He loves to play ball and has really gotten into football with his daddy coaching. He had to have his own set of pads and helmet to wear. He also loves Spiderman! McKenzie is our little "spit fire". She is always happy and is such a little "mama". She likes to boss Andrew around and always takes care of him. Kenzie tries to do all of the gymnastics that Breanna does. I hope they are going to be really close. She and Breanna enjoy playing dress up and putting on my make up together. Pictures of their last dress up day to come soon. As far as Will and I.......Will is coaching and going to school. He is doing well in his classes and his favorite class, of course, is History of Southern Women, hahahaha! I am still enjoying my job and have just been busy holding down the fort at home while daddy is busy working, coaching and studying. Keep checking for new photos to come!!!!