Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow day fun!!!!!!!!!!

The "Stoddard 7" definitely had some great family time in the snow. Our day started at about 7:15am when we realized that there actually was snow. The kids all rushed to the living room to look out the window. They were all soooooo excited. We then, put breakfast on hold, bundled everyone up and headed outside. We played a bit, then came in for some hot chocolate and breakfast to warm up. By the time the kids were done with breakfast they were ready to head back out. We watched throughout the day as the snow continued to fall. Once we had eaten lunch, we all went out to slide down our hill and make a snow man. This was a lot of fun and a nice experience for the kids. By 3pm it was all melted and they were upset that school will be in session tomorrow. It was great while it lasted.

Deja's 12th Birthday

Deja turned 12 this year and our "spend the night" party turned into a "spend the weekend" party. The girls had so much fun, they decided to extend the party. They were all really well behaved and had a great time!