Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy New Year, 2009!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it is 2009 already. McKenzie didn't make it till midnight, so we staged the picture with the grapejuice and party favors for the baby book. Andrew was still going strong, so he enjoyed playing "cheers" with mommy with his grape juice. Breanna and Laney played, did sparklers and had a great time. Victoria and Clay were all giggles. We really enjoyed ringing in the New year with great friends. God Bless everyone and we hope you have a blessed 2009!!!

Princess Breanna is 5!!!!!

We celebrated Breanna's Birthday by letting her be "Queen" for the day. She had a princess cake and opened presents at Grammy's house. She went to the beauty salon and got a hair cut. We then went to ChickFilA for lunch at her request. Following lunch, we went to the mall where she created a new friend at BuildABear, jumped on the big trampoline and ate DipnDots. Finally, we ate at Texas Roadhouse where they put her in the saddle and announced to all that it was her big day. She had a great time and felt like a royalty. Mommy just can't believe that my baby is "5". Time goes by so fast, enjoy every minute.